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About BR Office


The Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Office (BR Office) was officially opened in the capital of Baa Atoll, Eydhafushi on 13 June 2012 to implement the Biosphere Reserve strategy which comprises of 3 programmes:

Conservation Programme,

Learning and Research Programme;

Livelihoods and Sustainable Development Programme.

The BR Office is setup directly under the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency of the Ministry will technically assist the BR Office in its day to day operations working together with the Baa Atoll Council .

The BR Office with its own Administrative and Financial Unit is supported by the staff of Conservation Programme, Learning and Research Programme and Livelihoods and Sustainable Development Programme and in order to maximize delivery of the strategy, and through the leadership of its Director, the Office shall undertake the following tasks:

Promotion of the Biosphere Reserve, through the development of promotional materials, management of the website, organisation of promotional events etc...

Ensuring good public relations for the Biosphere Reserve through engagement with local communities, visitors, resorts, national organizations

Engagement, coordination and support for local, national and international partners (governmental and non-governmental) to achieve maximum support for the implementation of the Biosphere Reserve strategy

Servicing the Advisory Board and any task forces it may establish, through the organisation of meetings, preparations of papers and recommendations, recording of minutes and implementation of their recommendations.

Cooperation with the Baa Atoll Conservation Fund (BACF) to achieve maximum synergy for the attainment of the objectives of the Biosphere Reserve, including the development of project proposals.

Support to the development of non-governmental organisations.

The BR Office shall prepare before the start of each year an annual work plan and budget to be approved by the BR Advisory Board. At the end of each year, the Service will prepare an annual report and an audited set of accounts for submission to the BR Advisory Board.

Staff of the BR Office

The Director of BR Office is be responsible to ensure that the above tasks are delivered to the highest standards of performance. The Director will be appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy through an open recruitment process with an interview/selection.

The Director will be responsible for appointing other staff to the BR Office according to need and budget availability, through a similar open recruitment process.


Minutes of BR Advisory Board Meetings